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43rd Annual Opaskwayak Indian Days

Indian Days Events

Canoe Classic
Princess Pageant
Parade/Opening Ceremonies
Texas Holdem Poker Tourney
Foot Races
Traditional Events
Call of the Wild Night
Children's Races
Flour Packing
Traditional Dress Contest
Air band Competitions
55 + / 65 + Events
Teen Dances
Tootsie Contest
Tightest Jeans Contest
Family Fun Night
OlD Jigging Championship
Karaoke Contest 

Memorial Events

Henry Personius Memorial Soccer Joe Ross Day (Pike Lake)
Jake Constant Jigging Memorial
John Flett SR Flour Packing Memorial
Billy Cook Gill Net & Fillet Memorial
Robert Lathlin SR., Darrel "Fu" Spence, Harold Young and Rose Constant Fishing Derby Memorial
Sonny Mcgillivary Singing Contest
Charles Constant Fiddling Contest

"Working Together for a Better Tomorrow"

Come join us for a full week of cultural and traditional celebration held at the Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre, Pike Lake and OID Park . Opaskwayak Indian Days is scheduled August 11 - 17, 2008.

The Opaskwayak Indian Days offers great events such as the Canoe Classic, the Indian Princess Pageant, Traditional Events, Call of the Wild Night, 55+ and 65+ Events, Teen Dances, 2 Day Scavenger Hunt, Poker Derby, Dry Socials, Family Fun Night, Volleyball Tournament, Tootsie Contest, and the Tightest Jeans Contest and Saturday Social with special appearance from Rez Boyz and Ernest Monias. Childrens event daily starting at 10:00 am. Relay Race on Friday for 17 & under and Female and Male Long Distance Race on Saturday for adults and 17 & under.

There will also be memorial events like Joe A. Ross Day (Pike Lake), the George Flett Sr. Horseshoe Tournament, the Jake Constant Jigging Competition, the John Flett Sr. Flour Packing Competition, the Billy Cook Gill Net and Fillet Competition, the Memorial Fishing Derby, the Sonny McGillivary Singing Contest and the Charles Constant Fiddling Contest.

Come and see contestants come in from all over Manitoba to compete in the traditional events such as Thunder Bird Event, The Eagle Event, The Hawk Event, The Snowy Owl Event, The Swan Event and The Fawn Event - events begin Thursday - Saturday.

Texas Holdem Poker Tournament

Another new event on Saturday is the Texas Holdem Poker Tournament and participants must be 18 and over with prize money paying out at 85% to top 9 winning participants. Top winner will also receive bracelet and ring for being OID 2008 Texas Holdem Poker Champion. 

Princess Pageant

The Opaskwayak Indian Days Princess Competition is another major event happening this August. Since the first competition back in "65" crowning Norma McLean (Jebb) Well over 42 Princesses have been crowned and is open to any young lady from ages of 13 to 17 years old. Witness last years winner as Miss OID Princess 2007 and as she passes on the crown to another Miss OID 2008. Don't miss the Princess Pageant on Monday at 7:00 pm with special performance from Scott Ward - Hypnotist.

Don ' t miss out on the daily Princess Draws: Monday 1st-$100.00, 2nd-$50.00, 3rd-$25.00; Tuesday -1st-$100.00, 2nd-$50.00, 3rd-$25.00; Wednesday-1st-$100.00, 2nd-$50.00, 3rd-$25.00; Thursday-1st-$100.00, 2nd-$50.00, 3rd-$25.00; Friday-1st-$300.00, 2nd-$200.00, 3rd-$100.00, 4th- $50.00,5th-$25.00; and Saturday-1st-$1000.00, 2nd-$600.00, 3rd-$400.00, 4th- $200.00, 5th-$100.00, 6th-$75.00, 7th-$50.00. Tickets: $1.00 each, draws held at GLMC

Canoe Classic 

Another major event happening this August is the Opaskwayak Indian Days Canoe Classic with well over 5 races from the Open Classic, the Local Event, the Manitoba Event, the Masters Event and the Saskatchewan Event. There are four to seventeen places to be won with prize amounts over 22,000.00 . And because there are many contestants competing for the championship entrants must be over 16 years of age with an written parent approval with the application made available to by the Indian Days Committee and submit a medical examination and will consist of two able bodied contestants who must complete the prescribe course together. This years Canoe Classic begins Thursday - Saturday. Entry fee:$200.00 and boat specifications: Total length, 17 feet and under, width: 33 inches, bottom at water line: 4" and 33". For further information, you can call Edwin Jebb at (204) 623-0535.

Camping Facility

Opaskwayak Indian Days does have camping facility available with showers and security.

Henry Personius Soccer Memorial Event

August 15, 16 and 17, 2008 - at Big Eddy and Joe Ross Soccer field. All divisions are double knock-out. First 6 teams, entry fee:$500.00 for Senior Men's Division - 1st-$2500.00, 2nd-$1500.00 and 3rd-$800.00. First 4 teams, entry fee:$400.00 for Ladies Division - 1st-$1500.00, 2nd-$800.00 and 3rd-$500.00. First 4 teams, entry fee:$150.00 for Youth (Boys 16 & under) Trophies & T-shirts and individual awards. Must be enough teams in each division for prize monies to be paid out. If not prize will be adjusted accordingly to the amount of teams entered. All teams must pay before their first game. For more information please call: John @204-623-0483 or Herman @204-623-6925.

Opaskwayak Indian Days Box 10880
Opaskwayak, MB

Fax: (204)-623-5263

August 5 - Opaskwayak Indian Days Headquarters will be operational. Contact info: 623-7239 www.trappersfestival.com

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