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2005 Pow wow Committee
This years summer event shall be successful like the years before as the 2005 Pow wow committee get set to start the new year inviting new members that meets every Saturday from 6-8:00 pm. The committee will begin discussions of organizing this prestigious event as OCN looks forward to greeting international competitors from the U.S. and all over Canada. At this year’s traditional celebrations hundreds of spectators will travel for thousands of miles to watch the colourful entertainment of dancers and costumes as they vie for big prize payouts. The committee holds meetings at the Opaskwayak Educational boardroom located in the upper lever level of the Otineka Mall, OCN. Manitoba

For more information you can call (204)-623-3423
Fax: (204)-623-2882
Toll free #: 1-800-442-0459

The Sacred Circle Vision Quest Committee
The Sacred Circle Vision Quest Committee is a newly formed committee with a group of men, women, elders and youth who are developing program initiatives based on traditional concepts of holistic healing and physical therapy that focuses on various addictions and physical needs. The SCVQ committee is also committed to becoming as a recognized organization with goals to overseeing an aboriginal traditional and Healing Centre within the near future. At present, as they take on the larger issues of the community, they welcome anyone and is open to join.

For more information you call (204)-623-7285 or (204)-623-1963

The Saskatchewan River Fisheries
The Saskatchewan River Fisheries is a membership of local fishermen of OCN and who have been meeting as a group for over 34 years. The F.R.S. includes a board of directors who looks after the local fishermen and is in constant negotiations with Manitoba Hydro in a working relationship. Manitoba hydro also funds the Saskatchewan River fisheries and who are now in process of becoming an established organization with an office in OCN. The board of directors meet once a month in there own new office located on 147 Kechimaskanow drive.

For more information you can call (204)-627-7100
Toll Free: 1-888-763-1566
Fax#: (204)-623-3819

Youth Centre Programs and Clubs
Art Classes If you intend on participating in art class you must sign-up one week prior to class. Art class will no longer be open to drop-ins, we will be following a curriculum and if you are interested you must discuss this with your parents. Arts and Crafts night is far too hectic with no help in clean up and a large waste of supplies.

  • 2-Dimensional Arts Drawing
  • Painting classes

OCN Youth Center Music Program

Fiddling Recital With Robert Isfield
OCN Youth Center has been having fiddling classes every Tuesday since September. We will be hosting a recital at the McGillvary Care Home on Saturday February 12th, 2005 @ 3:00pm there will be refreshments provided. There will be another class beginning in March. Harmonica Lessons With Donna Lucien
Starting January 27th, 2005 @ 6:00pm-8:00pm

We will be 5 applicants 12 and under and 5 applicants 13-17 years of age. The first lesson both groups meet for two hours to learn care and maintenance for your harmonica. The following lessons will be split into age groups.

Guitar Lessons With Joe Lathlin
Start date will be announced at a later date

Will be taking a break while the band members regroup and learn some new music. Chrome is currently looking for a drummer and a singer. Participants in Youth Center clubs must register to keep attending; if your child is a part of any of these clubs will you please fill out the necessary forms.

We have limited funding and any support you can give us would be beneficial. There is a list of needs for each of the clubs. We will be developing more clubs in the future and posting them as they become available.

The OCN Youth Center Performance Clubs

Drama Club

To encourage Arts & Culture through Theatre. Many of today's youth are talented and have no outlets to explore the areas where their talent may lie. The OCN youth center is a safe meeting place where our youth already spend time. A theatre group in our community will help build confidence, self-esteem, and many other skills pertinent to healthy living. Our theatre group is open to all community members. In the theatre there is a place for everyone.

Theatre Group, Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Access to AV resources (videos), supplies for set design, costumes, name and logo contest, journals and pens, Script writing, stages for rehearsal, visiting theater companies, and specialized training workshops.

The Local Breakerz; Breakdance Crew
Dance Group, Sundays, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Loose chalk, tape for hands and packing tape, CD’s w/burner, clothes for crews, linoleum sheet for dance floor, turntables, sound system and training in usage, portable sound system (batteries), flashlights, safety gear, specialized training workshops (HIP HOP Summit).

OCN Youth Center Parent’s Council

Will have their first meeting on January 24th, 2005 @ 7:00pm

At the youth center we are trying to develop curriculum relevant to our youth’s interests, we feel it is necessary to have the parent’s input and guidance as the Youth Center evolves. We have received many concerns from the community and feel it is necessary to address these issues in new and progressive ways.

Anglican Church Workers

Is an active club for over many years and has shown an appreciative support for many generations in service to The Church of the Messiah and The Church of the Redeemer. The A.C.W. has participated in provided traditional foods during special occasions and during the winter months.

For more information you can call (204)-627-7100
Toll free: 1-888-762-1566
Fax#: (204)-623-3819

Church of the Messiah (204)-623-5750
Church of the Redeemer (204)-623-

Opaskwayak Indian Days Committee

The Opaskwayak Indian Days committee became an established entity since 1965. And since then has grown with a staff of 5 to 10 with over 30 volunteers who oversee 29 events and entertainment. OCN holds one of the biggest attractions of a 5-day celebration of traditional fun and family events with many new showcases each night. The Opaskwayak Indian Days brings in competitors and spectators from all over Manitoba and abroad and invites new members to join the OID committee and make every year a success. For

More information you can call (204)-627-7100
Toll Free: 1-888-763-1566
Fax#: (204)-623-3819

Mission Statement of the OCN Resource Council

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) Resource Council is committed to maintaining, sustaining and protecting the Treaty, traditional and inherent rights of the membership to hunt, fish, trap and gather as taught by our forefathers and mothers, provided for by the Great Spirit and agreed to through Treaty.

Co-operative Moose Management
A moose herd cannot provide for our future needs if more moose are killed annually than are born to replace them. Wise and sustainable use can only occur when we know how many moose exist in our traditional use area and we control our annual harvest so there are at least the same number of breeding animals next year as there were this year. Each First Nation person has an individual inherent right to hunt moose. First Nations must manage their hunting within the moose herd's ability to naturally replenish itself. This can only be done when individual hunters act together in the interests of the community's future use of the moose herd.

OCN Resource Council
The OCN Resource Council is working to promote sustainable moose harvest for OCN and other First Nation hunters. Council members represent the needs of OCN people on three Cooperative Moose Management Committees for Game Hunting Areas (GHAs) 5, 6 and 8 which include much of OCN's traditional use area. These committees have agreed that First Nation use of the moose resource must first be provided before licensed hunters are accommodated. The council believe that sharing the annual moose harvest between First Nation hunters (70%) and licensed hunters (30%) is a responsible way to manage the herds. The non-native hunters' share of the moose harvest is strictly controlled through government licenses and regulation. First Nation hunters can legally hunt all year and harvest as many moose as they need for their own use. First Nation hunters have to manage their own harvest to ensure sustainable numbers of moose remain for the next year and for the future.

Decisions made by the Co-operative Moose Management Committee include: When and where to conduct aerial surveys to count moose; Which areas to close to moose hunting when there are too few moose (closures are mandatory for licensed hunters and voluntary for First Nation hunters);

When and where to re-open moose seasons after moose numbers increase; How many moose can be harvested annually in open areas; .How to share the moose kill between First Nation and licensed hunters.

Hunting bulls and calves rather than cows helps maintain a sustainable harvest.

Your Responsibilities as a First Nation Moose Hunter
Attempt to harvest only bulls or calves and leave the cows who can give birth in the spring and replenish the herd. The OCN Resource Council is asking First Nation moose hunters to participate in sustainable moose harvest. We need your involvement and help in the following ways: When requested by the Chief and Council through the OCN Resource Council, refrain from moose hunting in areas where the sustainable harvest has already been taken for that year. Be aware of Co-operative Moose Management efforts and consult with your OCN Resource Council. As hunters, you manage the moose herd by your decisions to shoot or not shoot moose. If hunters shoot every moose they see, there will soon be too few to provide for anyone's needs. Report all moose you shoot to the OCN Resource Council. Refrain from shooting cows. All hunters must work together and act responsibly if healthy moose herds are to be maintained for the use of our children and their children.

For more information or
to report your moose kill
contact the OCN Resource Council
Attention: Robert McGillivary at 623-5493

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