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Opaskwayak Cree Nation Employment & Training
Strategy 2002/2003

Box: 1000
The Pas, MB R9A 1L1
Phone: (204) 627 7181
Fax: (204)-623-5316
Email: training@opaskwayak.ca

Social Development Canada

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  • OCN established its own Training & Development Program in 1994/95
  • The initial year had an annual budget of $120,000.00
  • The program has developed very successful funding partnerships & linkages both within the First Nation and outside Funding Sources
  • The 2001/2002 annual budget was $1.8M

Funding Formula:

  • The program may utilize as many as 4 funding sources for one client
  • The 2001/2002 annual budget accessed 30 funding sources
  • Some sources were similar, however; the criteria was very different for each individual program
  • This format makes for a very complex program, however; it is necessary since each funding source has its own criteria

E&T – S.A. Partnership:

  • Although not all Training & Developmental funding is exclusively for Social Assistance clients, the funding that is allocated has created a very successful partnership between the Social Development Program and the Training & Development Program within OCN.
  • This partnership has been a major factor in leveraging additional outside funding sources

Rationale & Values:

  • OCN’s Human Resource Development Strategy has a very basic premise and that is by developing individuals, those individuals can therefore be empowered to not only care for themselves well, but also; their families and community.
  • Also, by providing as many developmental opportunities as possible, the community and its members will benefit, not only; educationally and economically, but also; become healthier and happier.

Job Placement Terms & Benefits:
910 Hours
140 Hrs/Month x 6.5 Months

  • The Participant can qualify for EI Benefits for up to 45 Weeks (Savings of $1775.00 x 11 Months = $1,947 to Social Program for a Single Client – A client with a family the savings increase @ $748.37 x 11 Months = $8,232.07)
    • These savings can be significant annually for an AFA or CFNFA Agreement Holder if you have between 50 & 100 clients
  • The Participant can utilize their EI Status by accessing EI Training Funding to continue their education and training
    • i.e.:; Upgrading, Trades Courses, Apprenticeship Studies & Exams
  • The Annual SA Savings can be Re-Invested in another crew the following year

OCN Social Assistance Savings Re-Investment Program

  • National Child Benefit
  • Income Security Reform
    • Student Allowances
    • Tuition (Based on KCC Upgrading Programs)
    • Books & Supplies
    • Child Care
    • Note: Student Allowances Top-Up in addition to WOP Transfer

College Funding Budget:

  • Utilizing National Child Benefit Re-Investment Savings or Income Security Reform
  • NCB or ISR Top-Up Subsidy $ 450.00
  • Child Care $ 100.00
    • Monthly Total $ 550.00
  • Tuition, Books, Supplies $2,000.00

Funding Partners:

  • INAC – Indian & Northern Affairs
    • Social Development Program
      • Work Opportunity Program
      • National Child Benefit Re-Investment Program
      • Income Security Reform
      • Aboriginal Social Assistance Training Program
  • Department of Justice
    • Community Mobilization Program

  • Human Resource Development Canada
    • Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Master Agreement Holder
      • CRF – Consolidated Revenue Fund
      • EI – Employment Insurance
      • Youth
      • Disability
      • Capacity Building

  • National Health & Welfare
    • Otineka Health Health Transfer Agreement Holder
      • Brighter Futures
      • Non-Insured Health Benefits
  • Province of Manitoba
    • New Careers North
    • Careerstart
    • Environmental Youth Corps
    • Sustainable Development Innovations Fund

OCN Employment & Training Programs:

  • Job Placement Program
  • College Program
    • 10-Month College
    • Night Courses/Part-time Courses
  • Employment Transportation Subsidy
  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Orientation & Development Program
  • Youth Program
    • Youth Work Experience Program
    • Summer Student Career Placement Program
    • OCN Youth Centre
    • Youth Developmental Programming
    • Youth Wilderness & Fitness Camp
    • Youth Warrior Society Guardians

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