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Home and Community Care

Kawechetonanow Centre

Non-Insured Health Benefits

Opaskwayak Health Authority

Opaskwayak Health Authority
Box 10280 Opaskwayak, MB ROB 2JO
Phone (204)627-7025 Fax (204)623-5496
Email: oha@opaskwayak.ca

Kawechetonanow Centre
Phone (204)627-7260 Fax: (204) 623-1491

Home and Community Care
Phone (204)627-7150 Fax: (204)627-7153

Toll Free 1-800-848-3034 Fax: (204) 627-7044

Mission Statement
Opaskwayak Health Authority will pursue the development of community wellness, healing and health services and programs incorporating mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being while maintaining and respecting traditional/cultural values and beliefs.

Health Authority Administration:

Cecilia Ross - Chief Executive Officer
Tom Kobar- Finance Director
Lucille Dorion - Personnel/Payroll Clerk
Noreen Singh - Accounting Clerk
Anita Ballantyne - Finance Clerk
Nicole Lathlin - Administrative Assistant
Vacant - Secretary Position

The Administration Staff for the Health Authority are responsible for all the departments and staff for the whole Health Authority. The Health Authority has their own bank account, cheques, Purchase Orders, Payment Authorization and Work Orders. As of January 2002 the Health Authority took over their own pay roll cheques.

Otineka Health Centre

Alice Spence - Nurse In Charge
Marie Jebb - R.N.,B.N. - Diabetic Nurse
Shirley Partridge - R.N., B.N. - Foot Care Nurse/HIV/AIDS/FASD
Linda Chartrand - R.N., Prenatal Nurse
Melody Needham - R.N. , Treatment Room Nurse
Harriet Constant - Community Health Representative (CHR)
Eileen Personius - Community Health Representative (CHR)

E-Mail Addresses
OHA- nicole.sigurdson@opaskwayak.mb.ca
NIHB joan.niquanicappo@opaskwayak.mb.ca
Kawechetonanow Center terry.mckellep@opaskwayak. mb.ca
Home and Community Care Barbara.ross@opaskwayak.mb.ca

Otineka Health provides such services as:

    Maternal & Child Health:
    • Well Baby Clinic
    • Postnatal Visits

    Oske Pimatisiwin Classes (Prenatal Classes):
    Information, guidance and practical support on:

    • nutrition
    • pregnancy
    • breast feeding
    • baby care
    • stages of labor and delivery breathing techniques
    • birth control
    • FAS/FAE

    Practical and emotional support

    Milk and food coupons

    Help in accessing health services, social services, income assistance, education, Registered Dietitian, etc.

    Special Needs Children:

    • Marigold Centre/Respite Transportation

    Communicable Disease Control:

    • Follow up and education
    • Prevention/Teaching
    • Immunizations
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections

    Health Education Programs:

    • Diabetic Clinics
    • Blood Pressure Clinics
    • Mammogram Screening
    • Breast Self-Examination Workshops
    • Menopause Workshops
    • Healthy Lifestyle
    • Program Diabetic Foot Care/Workshops
    • AIDS Awareness
    • Walking Derbies

    Mental Health Services:

    • Monthly Injections
    • Referral to Agencies
    • Maintaining Prescription Regime
    • Assessments - Referral

    Chronic Disease:

    • Flu Vaccinations
    • Home Visits
    • Monitoring Diabetics
    • Patient Teachings
    • Hospital Visits

    School Health:

    • Preschool Boosters
    • 1O Year TD Boosters
    • Rapid Classroom Inspections

    Treatment Room:

    • Patient Assessment and Education

    Environmental Health:

    • Dog Bite Follow Up
    • Food Service Delivery Checks
    • Garbage Disposal Checks
    • Treatment Plant Monitoring

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