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OCN Community Works and Operations (CWO) Department

Phone: (204) 627-7051
Fax: (204) 623-5263
Email: cwo@opaskwayak.ca

The CWO Department directs and administers operations relating to the Opaskwayak Cree Nationís physical infrastructure. The CWO Department makes decisions regarding the construction and maintenance of roads, water and sewer treatment and distribution, and other associated capital projects supporting OCN residence.

The CWO Department also oversees outside consultants and contractors hired for OCN's planning studies relating to water and sewage treatment plants, water distribution, road maintenance, garbage collection, and landfill sites.

Opaskwayak CWO is responsible for several OCN departments and services including OCN Recreation, the OCN Fire Department, The Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre, OCN Water and Sewer Services, and the OCN Public Works Department.

OCN Public Works Department

Phone: (204) 627-7083

The Public Works Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of OCNís physical infrastructure. Most of the services provided by Public Works typically fall under the category of essential services. Community road conditions, water and sewer treatment and distribution, and garbage collection are responsibilities of OCN Public Works Department.

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