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Rod McGillivary Memorial Care Home

Opaskwayak Cree Nation
Box 2818
The Pas, Manitoba
R9A 1M6
Phone:(204) 623-5421
Fax: (204) 623-6143


The ownership and management of the Rod McGillivary Memorial Care Home is the ultimate responsibility of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation.

The purpose of the Care Home is to show forth and experience the creators love through reverence and hospitality in the care of the residents.

The Care Home is committed to be a, healing, caring, facility that strives to meet the physical, emotional mental and physical needs of each resident. Residents are to be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect in a way that fully recognizes their uniqueness and individuality. Empowerment of each person is promoted within a peace-filled, life giving environment of choice and compassionate, quality care. The Care Home will continue to pursue the social cultural religious and spiritual interest to develop the residentís potentials and to be given reasonable provisions by the facility to accommodate these pursuits. The. Care Home believes that qualified skilled personnel will fulfill and enhance the quality care which is required /or those residents which have been duly assessed and approved for placement in our Care Home.


The Rod McGillivary Memorial Care Home (formally Fairview Home) was founded by the late Rod McGillivary In 1980. The Care Home is a forty-bed long-tem, care facility providing long term care to First Nations elders. It is owned and operated by the Opaskwayak Cree Nation and administered by the Rod McGillivary Memorial Care Home Board of Directors.


  1. An Application/Assessment for Long Term Care Placement form must be Completed and forwarded by mail or fax.

  2. Preference will be given to members of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation. Only First Nations peoples of Manitoba may be admitted to the Care Home.

  3. Applications will be placed on a waiting list in the event the Care Home cannot provide Immediate placement.


  • Nursing services are provided by registered and licensed practical nurses 24- hours a day. A physician is on-site on a weekly basis and on call 24 hours a day. Physiotherapy, dentistry, medical, optometry and pharmaceutical services are also provided.
  • Direct services includes dietary, laundry, housekeeping, and minor clothing alterations.
  • A Resident Activity Director offers crafts, games, shopping and banking assistance, and outdoor activities.
  • Religious services are held on-site. Pastoral care and spiritual counseling are offered to the residents and their families.
  • Liaison with other organizations and agencies ensure each resident medical, administrative and financial needs are being met.
  • Respite care is offered to families with dependent elders in their home who require a short term caregiver.

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