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Opaskwayak Cree Nation Summer 2007 Competition Pow-wow

To be announced....

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation Chief continues the tradition of hosting our Celebration of Life and Customs in our Native Song and Dance. An OCN Pow-Wow Committee has been established for this year to coordinate the Dancing Lodge ceremonies, competition singing and dancing, Giveaway and Feast.

This same committee has experienced volunteers for many cultural events and gatherings with a very good record in coordinating these special events very successfully. Many dancers, singers, spectators and special guests have attended these gatherings and have had many positive recommendations and comments about how well these events have been planned and coordinated. Over the past three daylong events, we have had as many as 3500 spectators, dancers and singers in attendance with about 50 volunteers. The Pow-Wows consisted of

  • Arts and Craft tables
  • Food Concessions
  • Youth and Church fundraisings
  • Exhibition
  • Competition Dancing
  • Singing
merchandise sales and a Youth Feast for all participants, spectators and Community members.

The Pow-Wow is not only a Social event but is also one of a personal, family and community Healing Journey for many in the Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional ways. Many young people in attendance had renewed interest and enthusiasm in their Culture and were thinking of a more positive change in Lifestyle. Many more adults saw the Cultural benefits for their Children, Grandchildren, for themselves and for their futures. Special ceremonies are done before, during and after the Pow-Wow, as well as special songs and prayers that are requested by the participants for the sick, lonely and for our ancestors that have passed onto their Special Journeys from this world.

In continuing to encourage Personal Healing and Development, Cultural Growth, entrepreneurship and business opportunities, tourism, common unity, harmony, hope and future survival, the Opaskwayak Cree Nation have again given direction to continue towards regaining our Culture and Heritage by making this an annual event. The “purpose, goal and main objective” to be for the benefit of our People creating yet another chance to heal and grow as a People in togetherness.

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