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Treaty Land Entitlement

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OCN executed the TLE Agreement on January 22, 1999.

The TLE Agreement provided $1,364,397 as "compensation" for use in Community Projects. 4 elected TLE Trustees, with an election slated for April 20, 2005, administer the money. In order to access money for the projects, requests are forwarded to Chief and Council. Chief and Council then request that the Trustees conduct a Community Meeting. OCN Membership is then asked to vote for or against the request for TLE Funding.

The current TLE Trustees are Lena Henderson - Chairperson, Bev Fontaine, Norma McLean, Ida McGillivary, and Stan Reid who is appointed by Chief and Council as the Independent Trustee. The four OCN members are elected from members living on reserve.


The TLE Staff have worked with OCN members since 1996 in identifying Crown Land, which were then recommended for selection. With the help of a consultant in 1996, OCN membership were asked for their input as to where lands should be taken for TLE. As a result of this consultation, the OCN Membership identified 35 parcels of land. The total acres of these lands were over 47,500 acres.

However, due to restrictions and other interests, a majority of those acres are NOT Available for reserve status. After further review, a number of selections were seen to be of no use to OCN and not feasible for future use.

As of March 1, 2005, OCN will have 28,000 acres of land identified for reserve under TLE. Therefore, we still have to identify another 20,000 acres of useful land. We will again be seeking your input during the summer months.

  • After a brief review by staff, Chief and Council will sign a Band Council Resolution identifying the lands as a TLE Selection.

  • The BCR is then forwarded to INAC and TLEC for processing.

  • After review by various provincial and federal departments, INAC provides us with an opinion as to whether the land is eligible to be converted.

  • If eligible, environmental screening is completed and the land is then scheduled for survey.

  • Once surveyed, Manitoba transfers the land to Canada who then accepts the land and ‘sets the land apart for the use and benefit of OCN’.

  • The process takes approximately 2 years or more.

However, since OCN is now under the Land Code, the land does not automatically become ours to use. The OCN Membership are then asked to VOTE whether they want that new land to operate under the OCN Land Code and have all the OCN Land Laws apply to it.

The problem with this process is that it will add another several months of administrative work to adding a piece of land to OCN Land Base. It will also cost OCN additional dollars in conducting that VOTE. But, it is a necessary process and the Lands Staff are currently working on an amendment to make this happen.

That Amendment Vote is scheduled for early this summer.


The TLE Agreement also provides $2,153,015 dollars to purchase 8,410 acres of land. This is land that is owned through title, and includes land declared surplus by the Province or Canada and has been put up for sale.

To date, OCN has informed Canada that we are interested in acquiring several parcels including:

  • 7 Lots Hogan Avenue – Town of The Pas
  • 1 Lot Hogan Avenue Food Town – Town of The Pas
  • 1 Lot Paul Avenue – Town of The Pas
  • 2 Lots Fischer Avenue Post Office – Town of The Pas
  • 1 Lot – City of Thompson
  • Egg Lake Rehabilitation Camp (Not Acquired yet)
All properties, except Food Town, were Crown Land offers. So far, OCN has been unsuccessful in making agreements with private landholders and are open for invitations.

Service Agreements are required for the land to become available for Reserve Status. OCN must negotiate with Town of The Pas, the RM of Kelsey and the City of Thompson for lands selected within their jurisdictions. These negotiations are ongoing as of March 1, 2005.

These service agreements are required so that services such as water, road clearing and fire protection are provided to those lands where OCN cannot provide the service. It is basically an agreement to pay a fee that would normally be ‘taxes’ collected if it were not reserve.

Appraisals will be conducted on private lands being offered for sale to OCN. Decisions will be made on which properties will be purchased and at what timeframe. OCN membership will be kept informed during negotiations.

Apparently OCN is also inquiring with another First Nation to purchase property in Winnipeg. If and when our office is kept up to date on the information and what is transpiring, we will pass that information on to the Membership.

OCN Land Selections are also being contemplated for major tourism development.


If OCN membership wishes to have input into the process or receive further information on our current and future land selections, please call our office. All information is available to OCN Membership and we will gladly accept your suggestions for land selections.

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